Wednesday, November 24, 2010

shooting Shawn Marion

Me and my buddy Shawn. Ha, ha... I'm not real sure why I am shaking his hand like I just won an award from him or something. I was hoping to get a shot of us chillin in the hot tub with cigars hangin out our mouths, but he wasn't up for that (actually he probably would have been, he was real cool).

I shot some portraits of Shawn Marion (Dallas Maverick), and some interiors of his house yesterday. He was surprisingly very laid back and cool. He was pretty much up for whatever. I shot him in his dj booth of the club that was in his house. And I shot him in front of his amazing shoe collection (4 walls worth). His house was ridiculous. I'll put up some shots after it is published in Jan. It was a great shoot.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The set is all ready

So I shot a couple young artists for an editorial piece on "up and coming artist" coming out in Dec. Here are a couple outtakes they aren't using. Maxey Whitehead and Joey Folsom are in Theater here in Dallas. Maxey also does voice over for Funimation. Both were really nice. Joey had fixed up this entire house into a sort of interaction theater in 25 days. It was really sweet. It was perfect for me to come in to take there portrait and already have an awesome set to just place them in and shoot. I didn't have to do anything. I put up one head with a gridspot and just started shooting. I really like how they came out.

Monday, November 8, 2010

It's so good!

I've been getting into shooting video and doing a couple cool projects lately. Some dealing with "video portraits" and some videos of musicians. Here are a couple videos that have been inspirational to me. They are La Blogotheque "Take Away Shows". Go to vimeo and check them out. There are over 200 videos of amazing bands: Phoenix, Grizzly Bear, Damien Jurado, REM, St. Vincent, The Antlers,...) I spend hours watching these.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Dean Martin

Here is an editorial spread I shot of Kristy Stubbs and her house. She has these amazing Dean Martin chairs. Seriously, like bought them from his family. They were around his dining room table. Anyways, my assistant and I were talking about getting our picture taken in Dean's chair and Kristy overheard us. Before we knew it she had brought out a class of scotch (excellent tasting by the way) and a pack of cigarettes. She said we couldn't take our portrait in Dean Martins chair without these "must have" props. She was super cool. She has amazing art in here home, listens to great music and couldn't have been more kind. And to top it off... when I was leaving she brought me the rest of the 18yr old Glenfiddich bottle, and said "here take the rest (half a bottle), I don't drink it". It was a great shoot.

Here's to you Kristy...