Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Modern Home - featured on DWELL

This house that I shot was featured on recently.  Joshua Rice did the interior designing.  It was a gorgeous modern home that still felt warm and comfortable.  I have to say I've shot a lot of really nice homes, but this is definitely one of my favorites.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

WSJ - Tim McGraw

So my assistants and I pull up outside of a large concert venue about 2 hours before we are planned to shoot Tim Mcgraw.  I wanted enough time to scout a cool location and set my lighting up.  We start walking through the parking lot and this extremely fit guy with his shirt off and headphones in jogs past us.  I said, "Thats not Tim McGraw is it?"  I say that because it looked like a 25 year old who has been working out his whole life.  He was ripped.  Come to find out it, it was him, he does cross fit every night before a show.

We get into our specific area given to us, which was about 10ft. by 15ft.  Not kidding.  I had to get two different looks and one needed to be a full body shot on a 9ft seamless.  Haha.  I took a couple of deep breathes and then we went at it.  The seamless barely fit.  Fortunately I brought a bunch of old barn wood as a possible backdrop.  Tim's PR person said that this won't possibly work fitting both sets in this small area, then added that she doubts Tim would like the wood backdrop either.  Long story short we did fit it all in, I got my two shots in under 10 min. and Tim loved the wood backdrop. Haha, I learned that trusting my gut, not freaking out and being prepared pays off.

PS - Tim McGraw was extremely nice and such a cool guy.  I really enjoyed this one.