Friday, August 14, 2009


    I just recently shot 4 of Dallas' top designers for a magazine.  I'm not sure which ones, if any, I'll be putting on my website, but I thought I would show them here.  All four were extremely nice and great to work with.  Pogir, the man by the pool, was cracking me up the whole shoot.  He kept saying, "Hey "J", what do you think about this pose?  Hey "J", what if I stand in the doorway here, like this?"  He was a trip.  

Friday, August 7, 2009

Miss Texas

   Well, a few months ago I had a fellow UNT alumni (Kristen Blair) contact me and asked if I could take some pictures for her.  She was about to be in the Miss Texas Pageant and needed some images.  So she came to the studio and we shot lots of pictures, it went real well.  She was really great to work with.  Anyways, I found out recently that she won the pageant, she has just become Miss Texas.  She will now be going for Miss America in January.  Pretty cool.  Here are a couple the shots I got.  


Monday, August 3, 2009

Wonderful Machine

   Well, as you can see I have started a blog.  I put it off for a while, thinking that's the last thing I need, something more to update.  But after thinking about it, I have become a little excited about it.  It will be nice to have a space to write about and post creative stuff that I run into, and to share what I am up to in the photography world.    Fair warning though, I am a photographer and not a writer (that's my wife).  So it will be mostly visual, and I'm sure full of grammatical errors.  

    So as my first post, I thought of sharing my new involvement with Wonderful Machine.  They are a great resource on the web that connects photographers to photo editors, art buyers, and all the other creative types.  Check them out at