Thursday, July 1, 2010

Modern Luxury Cover

I shot this months Modern Luxury Cover. I don't really shoot a lot of food, so it was a little funny that I got the cover. I've shot food before, but my focus is People and Places. I really like how it turned out.

I shot some of the shots inside as well.

They actually ran this shot in Black and White, but I liked it in color so much more. I just think that the mono-tone background with the bright red salmon looks so good. I won't complain though since they gave me the cover.

The chef offered this to me after I shot it. Oh my... it was so good! I also ate the strawberry dessert he made up. Needless to say I didn't eat lunch that day.

Later that week I also came home with the biggest pork chop I've ever seen(about the size of my head), after I shot it for the same story. Turns out I like shooting food... Ha, Ha.

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