Monday, October 18, 2010

Art of Skateboarding

I was invited for the second year to be apart of a benefit group show called "The Art of Skateboarding". All the artists do an art piece on the back of a skateboard deck. It is really an amazing show. Last year there were like 200 artists that participated, and some amazing pieces. The decks are all auctioned off and the $ goes to the Scottish Rite Hospital.

My wife was going to do a deck also this year (shes an amazing collage artist), but she didn't have time after working so hard on the Deep Ellum Community Gardens. So I asked if she wanted to just collaborate with me. So we used a photograph of mine, and she put a collage piece on that she thought fit well. Then I resined over the top of it. Turned out pretty cool I think. I asked her why she chose the image with the "private parts", and she told me "Lovie, it's just anatomy." Ha. I said " I thought this was suppose to represent us... I feel a little vulnerable."

The show is Sat. Nov, 6th at Southside on Lamar. Hope to see you there.

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