Monday, April 9, 2012

Modern Luxury Cover

I was fortunate this month to get the cover of the Modern Luxury April issue.  Colin Duchin was so cool.  I talked to him for about an hour before we even got started shooting.  Man has he got some stories.  We had so much fun.

So to get this second shot (Colin with dog), I was leaning over the side of a pool to get lined up the way I wanted.  I just couldn't get over far enough, so Colin said "Hang on, I'll be right back" and quickly returned with a ladder that he proceeded to throw into the pool for me to stand on.   I was a little nervous getting on this thing with my camera and dry clothes of course, but I wasn't going to let anyone else know.


  1. Great photos! You have some serious balls suspending yourself over that water.

  2. congrats and your pics always look good!