Monday, August 6, 2012

Shepard Fairey Video

I was fortunate to work with The Dallas Contemporary and Shepard Fairey on this video project recently.  Shepard came to town and did 5 Murals in West Dallas.  I wanted to shoot this video in a "day in the life of..." style.  I wanted to show him prepping, painting and then partying.  That night he would be the DJ at a big party at the Dallas Contemporary.  After shooting, I worked with Matt Brundige who edited and Dustin Bailey who did all of the Motion Graphics (both from  An amazing team to work with.  We wanted the motion graphics not to be overwhelming, just something that adds an interesting and intriguing element to the story.  Dustin did an amazing job at that.  I'm really thrilled to have worked with such great talent all the way around on this project.

Shepard Fairey from Justin Clemons on Vimeo.

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