Friday, September 19, 2014

FORBES - Aguascalientes

Forbes magazine called me up and asked if I would like to go down to Aguascalientes, Mexico to shoot a feature for them.  I said "When do I leave".  It would be shooting the Governor, the head of the Nissan plant and a range of shots of the car plant. 

Everyone was so kind and hospitable.  The Governor even offered up his personal helicopter to get some arial shots, I of course said yes.  Then after the shoot his daughter (who was a talented photographer herself) took my assistant and I and showed us around town.  She graciously gave us a first person view of the culture down there.  We had some amazing first experiences that day including having dinner with the Governor, diplomats and beauty queens, personal tour of the San Marcos Fair (largest fair in South America), watching a cock fight, having drinks in the Gov's private club, going to a concert of the biggest heartthrob in Mexico with amazing seats, all under body guards consistent watch.  It was a pretty cool experience that I am very thankful to have had.  

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