Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gettin Dirty

So I am doing this personal project, not real sure what I'm calling it yet, or even how extensive it is going to be. I went to Mudstock 09 to shoot the 4,000 ATV riders driving through the biggest mud pits I have ever seen. It was four days long. I wanted to capture the whole culture that is so enthralled with this. I took my lights and equipment and wanedt to shoot it with more of an artistic feel, rather than just journalistically. I had a really good time, and plan on going back to other such events and shooting some more. I want to record sound and some video to make up a whole multi media part of it.

Thanks Mud Militia, for making me feel so welcomed, feeding me, and showing me around. You guys were awesome. I look forward to the next ride.

1 comment:

  1. Justin - I just ran across your work while looking at Hal Samples Gallery site.

    Great stuff. The Lost in Liberia work is beautiful. Man, the choices you made in cropping and framing are spot on.

    Although the living conditions look dire, I got a sense of hope from your work. The children are beautiful.

    Where you at a Christian orphanage?