Friday, November 5, 2010

Dean Martin

Here is an editorial spread I shot of Kristy Stubbs and her house. She has these amazing Dean Martin chairs. Seriously, like bought them from his family. They were around his dining room table. Anyways, my assistant and I were talking about getting our picture taken in Dean's chair and Kristy overheard us. Before we knew it she had brought out a class of scotch (excellent tasting by the way) and a pack of cigarettes. She said we couldn't take our portrait in Dean Martins chair without these "must have" props. She was super cool. She has amazing art in here home, listens to great music and couldn't have been more kind. And to top it off... when I was leaving she brought me the rest of the 18yr old Glenfiddich bottle, and said "here take the rest (half a bottle), I don't drink it". It was a great shoot.

Here's to you Kristy...

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