Wednesday, November 24, 2010

shooting Shawn Marion

Me and my buddy Shawn. Ha, ha... I'm not real sure why I am shaking his hand like I just won an award from him or something. I was hoping to get a shot of us chillin in the hot tub with cigars hangin out our mouths, but he wasn't up for that (actually he probably would have been, he was real cool).

I shot some portraits of Shawn Marion (Dallas Maverick), and some interiors of his house yesterday. He was surprisingly very laid back and cool. He was pretty much up for whatever. I shot him in his dj booth of the club that was in his house. And I shot him in front of his amazing shoe collection (4 walls worth). His house was ridiculous. I'll put up some shots after it is published in Jan. It was a great shoot.

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